I can help you take back 5 hours of time this week, simply by eliminating just one of these TIME WASTERS:

Overwhelm, Indecision, Worry, Procrastination, People-Pleasing & Perfectionism

One of my most powerful tools inside the Adri Geyer program is the RECAPTURE 5 Method.

This is my signature time & mind management program that teaches you the exact method to produce epic results every week.

I know that this program works.

It will change your life.

Let me show you how to build trust with yourself, to double down on your commitment & to follow through with your own plans. 

You don't have a minute to waste. Join my community today.

I work solely with Private Practitioners who are ready to whole-heartedly commit to themselves and their growth.

No pretending.

No avoiding.

No wasting any more time.

If you are brave enough to sit in my hot seat, you will have a breakthrough those around you will notice.

I use a combination of evidence-based science & a cognitive behavioural framework with the action-oriented techniques of coaching to help you learn how to recapture 5 hours of your time & a lot of your freedom.

I will teach you exactly how to be self-disciplined enough to make strong decisions, take massive action, honour your plan, say NO and be failure-proof.

I am here to help you become the person that can

  • make strong decisions... and stick to them
  • say yes to yourself
  • live from self-love
  • ...and yes create time

When you apply MY mind management and emotional resilience to time management you will experience a change that others will notice. 

I'm here to help you achieve the balanced & purpose-driven life you deserve.

What is the secret to RE-CAPTURE 5 Hours per week?

I have a very clear process that works. It's simple. If you do it your life will change.

Discover that most of the time you need already exists in your life but is being wasted by your brain - and what you need to add to your toolkit is mind management strategies and my signature Re-Capture Hour 5 time management technique.


Your brain, is the most powerful tool you possess, influencing every action and result in your life. 

While you question whether you'll ever have enough time, self-discipline or commitment to follow through on your perfect plan, this is what's actually happening:

Your brain is wired for survival.

It's primary job is simple: keep you alive. 

 Throughout 99.99% of our evolution this meant

  • Procrastinating (Being lazy) as a survival strategy¬†to conserve energy & save calories
  • Avoiding failure¬†at all cost¬†because failure was actually really dangerous. So we have a tendency to be perfect in all aspects.¬†
  • Wanting to¬†keep doing what we've done, the known is safe, the unknown is scary.¬†
  • Avoiding rejection, as being cast out of the group historically meant decreased chances, leading to people pleasing.
Your brain naturally tends towards procrastination, people-pleasing, perfectionism, confusion, indecision, and worry‚ÄĒit likes wasting time.

Are you exhausted by a sea of tasks?

I can teach you


that will help you to finally close out the week feeling satisfied.


So let's  build Time Freedom &

Drop the Overwhelm & Reduce the Stress...


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This is for you if you are:

  • Overwhelmed¬†by your sheer volume of tasks
  • Indecisive¬†about which task to prioritise.¬†
  • Worrying¬†about not meeting your commitments¬†
  • Procrastinating¬†an important but challenging task
  • Striving for¬†perfection¬†in every aspect¬†
  • People-pleasing¬†to avoid rejection
  • You feel a¬†constant dread¬†inside your body¬†
  • You have¬†no time to rest

And this describes your life:

  • You fill all your clinical hours¬†to¬†optimise your income¬†and hope to fit in the admin after-hours¬†
  • You are so¬†exhausted¬†at the end of the day that you just cannot muster up the energy to write notes as well
  • You¬†rest instead of doing your admin¬†only to fall further and further behind
  • You¬†work at all hours¬†of the night and weekend
  • Does¬†not matter how much you plan¬†you always end up in overwhelm
  • When you work you fail your family, when you are with your family you fail your work.¬†You are always failing yourself
  • This morning you had a plan but¬†it all went south
  • You have¬†so many roles¬†and you are not accomplishing it in the way you would like to
  • If feels like you are¬†always dropping balls
  • You keep thinking this is just a temporary time, you want to be there for your dependent kids, your elderly parent, you don't want to end up with regret for having only worked.¬†You just don't want your time spend for you.¬†
  • You have¬†build up resentment against these same people that you love, because it is just to much.¬†
  • You just don‚Äôt know where to find more time... like literally you have more to do than hours in a day


Occupational Therapist

Private Practice Owner

Adri helped me unpack my own thoughts which really saved me from the time normally wasted on confusion and worry.

I am very goal-directed and know exactly what I want to be working on and when I will be doing the work.

I procrastinate less.

And I still get the time with my son that was so important to me.

And I am mostly guilt-free when I book some time for me.

I love my CAPTURE Hour 1.

I'm super productive, say no more often and YES when I mean it.



Private Practice Owner 

 One massive practical change in my life is how Adri teaches to plan your week. It literally changed my life. I get more done, stress less, see my friends more and my emails are up to date

I can write a book about how my time management is better after meeting Adri. I plan with confidence, get more done, sleep more, relax more and have a better relationship with my kids and husband as I spend more intentional time with them.

Now I control my thoughts about my life with confidence and with structure. I plan better and grow more.