I can help you take back 5 hours of time this week, simply by eliminating just one of these TIME WASTERS:

Overwhelm, Indecision, Worry, Procrastination, People-Pleasing & Perfectionism

One of my most powerful tools inside the Adri Geyer program is the RECAPTURE 5 Method.

This is my signature time & mind management program that teaches you the exact method to produce epic results every week.

I know that this program works.

It will change your life.

Let me show you how to build trust with yourself, to double down on your commitment & to follow through with your own plans. 

You don't have a minute to waste. Join my community today.

Are you exhausted by a sea of tasks?

I can teach you


that will help you to finally close out the week feeling satisfied.


So let's  build Time Freedom &

Drop the Overwhelm & Reduce the Stress...


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Your chest tightens, you lose your breath, and you get an instant migraine. You are so overwhelmed by your amount of to-do's, it's left you feeling paralysed by stress and you are struggling to get through what life throws at you day to day. 

  • You are spinning.
  • You worry.
  • You are distracted.
  • You are running out of time.

You waste so much time in overwhelm, indecision, people-pleasing, procrastination (not honoring the plan) & perfectionism. 

If only you could just have more time in your day...

What's costing you time & freedom isn't just about managing your time better. It's also about managing your mind and your emotions to be self-disciplined and overcome these common time-wasting behaviours.

Let me teach you my RECAPTURE 5 Method. 


I work solely with Private Practitioners who are ready to whole-heartedly commit to themselves and their growth.

No pretending.

No avoiding.

No wasting any more time.

If you are brave enough to sit in my hot seat, you will have a breakthrough those around you will notice.

I use a combination of evidence-based science & a cognitive behavioural framework with the action-oriented techniques of coaching to help you learn how to recapture 5 hours of your time & a lot of your freedom.

I will teach you exactly how to be self-disciplined enough to make strong decisions, take massive action, honour your plan, say NO and be failure-proof.

I'm here to help you achieve the balanced & purpose-driven life you deserve.


Occupational Therapist

Private Practice Owner

Adri helped me unpack my own thoughts which really saved me from the time normally wasted on confusion and worry.

I am very goal-directed and know exactly what I want to be working on and when I will be doing the work.

I procrastinate less.

And I still get the time with my son that was so important to me.

And I am mostly guilt-free when I book some time for me.

I love my CAPTURE Hour 1.

I'm super productive, say no more often and YES when I mean it.



Private Practice Owner 

 One massive practical change in my life is how Adri teaches to plan your week. It literally changed my life. I get more done, stress less, see my friends more and my emails are up to date

I can write a book about how my time management is better after meeting Adri. I plan with confidence, get more done, sleep more, relax more and have a better relationship with my kids and husband as I spend more intentional time with them.

Now I control my thoughts about my life with confidence and with structure. I plan better and grow more.