My family is my greatest treasure.
I am a proud Wife, Mom, Life Coach, Occupational Therapist and true lover-of-life.

I have been an Occupational Therapist for over 25 years, and over the years I have gained invaluable experience, having worked in a hospital setting, community work, as a sole entrepreneur and in a partnership environment. Not only that, but within my Private Practice, I have also managed several Occupational Therapists and employees. 

Through-out these years, I have always been a keen student of human behaviour, digging deep into the world of personal growth and transformation. I have attended seminars, courses, read books and gained noteworthy knowledge and skill, facilitating alongside John Demartini. I’ve amassed an arsenal of experience on understanding the fundamental principles on why we do what we do. I am also a qualified coach with The Life Coach School

So, when I tell you that I will teach you how to reinvent your life, manage your emotions and get the results that you want out of life, I MEAN IT. 

I constantly hear my clients say:

“I feel overextended and emotionally, mentally and physically unhinged”

“I’m constantly stressed out and anxious at work, how can I master my mind better?”

“I am so overwhelmed and depressed ALL the time”

“Why does everything always go wrong in my life?”

I have been successfully Coaching women in the healthcare profession for the last 6 years and I am so passionate about taking them from victim to master of their own lives and empowering them to live to their full potential.


I want greatness for you

I believe we are all destined for greatness and have a mission on earth that needs to be fulfilled. In saying this, I can undoubtedly admit that my purpose is to help people find themselves, instill in them self-love and confidence and to empower them to achieve both their personal and professional goals.I find joy in helping people break-free from volatile emotions and release pain from past experiences that is holding them back. 

I make it my mission to remind them to be fearless when stepping into their future and awakening in them a new revitalised purpose. Experience has taught me, that the mind can overcome the impossible. That you can learn to manage your mind, control your emotions, free yourself from others opinions and get solid results, fast. The good news is, it is easy. It has a process. It works in all circumstances. EVERY TIME.

Mariaan Wiltshire

“Since going on the Bring balance to life program, I no longer have high levels of anxiety. The tools are very practical and make an instant change in my mood. I manage now to not get stuck in negativity but live from a more positive view. I have much less guilt about my choices. I realise I can change the rules that I made for myself. I accept myself more. Less feelings of I am not good enough. I accept others for who they are. I am less judgemental than before, actually almost not at all now. I am less irritable; I feel calmer and at peace."

Ingrid Kleynhans-Wagner

“Through my experience with Adri, she provided the necessary guidance and tools, to peel away these layers that clawed itself around myself for years, in an adventure to discover the person I desired to be, a more authentic self.

Through coaching I managed to see that life is merely a reflection of my thoughts and what I perceive it to be. I started implementing small changes such as setting intentions, living with gratitude, using meditation on a daily basis and seeing the benefits and drawbacks of everything that presents itself. This has made a significant difference in my approach to business as an entrepreneur and allowed my once, one man show, to grow to a large practice."

Aliscia Bekker

“The Bring balance to life program has benefited my business, because now I am a MUCH CALMER therapist and a MUCH CALMER "boss" at the practice. I handle situations with much more grace and emotional intelligence, and this was one of the personality traits that I have always envied in other people. By being calmer at work, not forcing every day in the BY ME mode, I get more done more effectively. I am sure that this positive mind was ‘sent out’ by me, as since August 2020 my practice has never been so busy. It has grown at least by 25% patients.”