Women (Part 2 of 3)

growth personal development transformation woman of all trades Jun 14, 2022
Adri Geyer

Goal setting helps us keep the focus, and gives us the boost we need to remove any obstacles in our path, leading to our destiny.

You may wander why we set goals at all?


Without an intention or strong goals, your mind will focus on what’s wrong in your life or around you. You may find yourself obsessing over people or situations, instead of having a clear focus on what truly matters.

The truth is, setting goals should be a little scary and uncomfortable.

Now, when you think about something that you really want to achieve, at first, you may outright think you are uncapable. But what if I told you dreaming is great.

It’s the mental juice your mind needs to visualise your best life and future self.

In saying this, reaching your goal will not be a walk in the park, there will be roadblocks, obstacles, highs and lows and days you want to scream and quit working towards your future self. But visualise that end result and let that be the driving force that helps you achieve your dream life.  Trust me; this works.

A mind without a goal, has no direction, no aim. This leaves your mind to wander into places that can break you down, instead of building you up. But goals give your brain focus, attention, structure and supervision. Leaving less room for your mind to focus on the negative. Remember, your thoughts create feelings and feelings drive actions, which in the end give you results.

Practical tool/homework/exercise:


Step 1: Instead, when those doubts creep in, now it’s time to put pen to paper and do a ‘Thought Download’, which means that you basically jot down all your negative thoughts around the goal and do a thought dump, get it all out.

Step 2: Now picture yourself, in your future self, living the goal. Visualise how good it feels, how radiant your life has become. Yes, you can have it all, you’ve got this.

Step 3: Great now that your mind is alive again, plan backwards to reaching this goal in an attainable and realistic way. Set yourself short goals to reach your big goal.  

Reaching your goals, can help you manage your mind, connect with your feelings and live a life of abundance, instead of on the hamster wheel, chasing non-goals.

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