Women (Part 1 of 3)

growth personal development woman of all trades Jun 14, 2022
Adri Geyer

You were made to live a full life, allowing you to be the best mom, loving wife, driven entrepreneur and everything that goes in between. And you know in order to do this, goal-setting is key. Else, what are we working toward?

I truly believe that where your focus goes, so will your energy flow. So, if you are committed to your goals and they sit up on your wall and each time you enter the room you see, I want to lose 7kgs, or I want to double my profit or I want to be more present at home, it will start to manifest in your life. These goals act as a daily reminder to keep the faith and keep hustling.

Allow me to give you some pointers over the next few blogs to help…

Step 1: Allow yourself to dream

I hear it all the time from my clients, they are so busy reacting to life, that they have forgotten to want, create, they haven’t allowed themselves to dream.

I love to dream and visualise the what ifs, I can sit there all day and plan good things into my life. The question is, are you dreaming enough? Giving your brain enough time to explore your innermost passions.  Do you even allow yourself to think about the future? Or are you maybe just leaving it all to chance?

If that’s the case I want to encourage you to dream BIG, you may have just started a new practice or maybe you have a newborn and catching a few zzz’s is much higher on your to do list. But I want to inspire you to plan quarterly to set goals, start small with attainable goals and once you have tasted success, your vision board will be full.

Step 2: Dreaming can be tough

The harsh reality between where you want to be and where you are may be miles or years away – this fact, keeps dreaming at bay for many. But it’s importance to allow yourself to want, allow your mind to take a holiday where for a split second you are there on the beach of your dream holiday destination, your bucket list – you can feel the sand between your toes already can’t you…

Step 3: And be specific

Tell yourself I want to start a practice, by the end of the year I want to have a team of professionals working with me and I want to be a leader they can look up too, all whilst making 2 hours for my husband each night and being fully present for my children in a calm and loving way.

Step 4: What you can expect is fear

Right so now that you have created your long list of goals, what you can expect is fear, unworthiness and doubt to creep in – this is normal, don’t be alarmed. And if negative emotions don’t echo in your head, you probably haven’t dreamed or stretched yourself hard enough. You need to pull yourself from that comfort zone, even though it’s very comfy there.

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