Belief in your dreams is your roadmap to your future

dreams future goals Jun 14, 2022
Adri Geyer

It’s sad how many people give up on their dreams. It’s so much easier to fit within a mediocre life. You know what to do. It feels safe and predictable.

But let’s imagine for a moment, that you could have it all – what you want is right there; within your grasp.

Today’s message is for YOU. I want to encourage you to not settle for a life filled with mediocrity and instead go for your dreams and give it everything you’ve got!

We have this one precious life, and still, countless clients come to me with excuses as to why they cannot pursue their dreams. For example, I don’t have time at the moment, I don’t have the money or resources to get it started, or it is just a dream and can never be my reality. But I want to tell you that making your dreams come true could give you a new life purpose and a sense of fulfilment. 

I see you, the woman that takes it all on. From being a caring mom, patient wife, and entrepreneur, I want you to commit yourself. I see you doing everything for everyone else, but I want you to focus on YOU and make yourself a priority. Take control of your thoughts and emotions and create the life that you see while you are daydreaming. And I am committed to helping you get there. 

You can see when a woman is living her dream. She glows from the inside out; she shows up and has this can-do attitude of unwavering positivity. She believes in herself and her dream. I want you to be this woman that sets her dreams alight.

Firstly, you need to overcome stepping out of our comfort zone. Sometimes, the most challenging part is letting go of the fear and stepping into the great unknown. But the truth is comfort steals our dreams from under our noses, and discomfort is the sacrifice of making our dreams come true.

Secondly, if you want to live your dream, you will have to choose to believe in something you don’t yet have evidence on. And you will have to keep believing in the dream for it to reach fruition. This is the magic sauce that distinguishes people who live a life of abundance and those that choose to live a life of comfort.

There is nothing wrong with living a comfortable life. But often, the only reward is comfort.

I hear it from my clients all the time; staying in my current job or position is so much easier than starting my own practice or applying for that executive role. I have news for you that has not been my experience. The stories we tell ourselves often hold us back, the fear takes control, and suddenly, the life of comfort seems appealing to a life of potential risk and abundance.

Have you ever stopped to think that chasing down your dreams could be the one thing bringing you closer to your destiny and who you were created to be (minus the fear, negative thoughts, and disbelief)?

So, what is stopping you from committing to YOUR future? 

Ask yourself…

Do I want to be on this career path?

Do I want to be in this relationship?

Do I want my dreams to come true?

Do I want to create the life I always hoped for?

Permit yourself to listen intently to your inner voice and what you want out of life, be so in tune with yourself that your inner voice becomes your daily passion, and be the woman you were born to be.

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