Bringing balance to your life is possible!

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Bringing balance to life

Nothing is worse than waking up at 2 am, totally exhausted, but feeling like you’re somehow missing the point of life. That time is passing you by, and you don’t know where it’s going and how to navigate your life in a way that feels good to you.

What if everything you learned about time and success is totally wrong?

Let’s face it. If you’re like most people, your experience of time is NOT working for you.

You might be feeling:

  • Constantly overwhelmed & stressed, like no matter how hard you work, it feels like you’re never getting enough done.
  • Scattered & unfocused, almost as if your brain never seems to be able to settle.
  • Overwhelmed by everything you must do and unsure how to prioritise… which leads to procrastination and a ton of anxiety.
  • Exhausted & depleted from putting other people’s needs ahead of your own but unable to set clear and healthy boundaries.
  • Fed up with all the interruptions & distractions, like text messages, social media, and the rings, dings, and pings that make it almost impossible for you to focus.
  • Guilty when you relax because the moment you stop, you feel like you’re being lazy because there are so many other important things you ‘should’ be doing.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I can’t keep living this way,” you’re 100% RIGHT. You can’t. There is a better way, and I will show you what it is.

Imagine a life that is genuinely happy and energised. Having a system that allows you to be joyfully productive and effective. Having the freedom to enjoy doing what is most important to you.

So, what keeps us stuck?

Ironically the reason is TIME ITSELF.

Most people believe that they don't have enough time to do the things they need to. You hear things like, “I’m so busy doing all the things.” I don’t have the time to stop and figure out how to regain control of my life. I’m just trying to get through the day before I collapse in bed, wake up exhausted and do it all over again.

Time is a mental construct.

It’s man-made. Someone decided that time is years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Someone decided that a week has 7 days, 5 of which we work and 2 of which we rest. Someone decided that a working day is 8:00 - 17:00.

And somehow, we try our best to fit into this rat race. And it’s VERY stressful.

But what if time was a mental construct? Think about it.  60 minutes. An hour in traffic feels very different to an hour watching a good movie. But why? It’s the same 60 minutes.

I want to suggest that it’s based on what you were thinking about in those 60 minutes. Those exact thoughts created the feeling or experience of that 60 minutes. Either frustration or joy.

But the 60 minutes time-wise was precisely the same.

Time actually slows down or speeds up based on what we are thinking about.

Now I also like to think about time as something I spend or something I create.

As I’ve worked with clients over the past years, I have witnessed how people spend their time in a way that costs them. I have some clients who can complete ten times more than others in the exact same amount of time. How can this be?

You see, people who do more don’t spend, waste, or lose time. They are very deliberate with their time.

Here are a few ways in which we cost ourselves time:


We waste time worrying about the what ifs, could be’s, and maybes, and half of what we usually spend time worrying about never actually happens.


We spend time overeating, overdrinking, and over-Facebooking to distract us from our feelings or emotions.

People pleasing

We say ‘yes’ to every invitation, task, and commitment to make everyone else around us like us, even though we are left depleted and exhausted.


We hold off making decisions and ignore decisions, believing that we are doing this to avoid making the “wrong” or “bad” decision. But the truth is, not deciding consciously is making a decision.


We allow the emotion of confusion to cloud our judgment and prevent us from making sound decisions, resulting in indecision.

Judging ourselves and others

We cost ourselves time by talking aimlessly and negatively about ourselves and others, this only results in time-wasting and normally leaves you feeling worse about yourself and others.


We lose so much of our time living in the past and thinking about everything that has happened, and we forget rather to spend this time building your future.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Now let’s talk about how to create time.

Because, at the end of the day, the most valuable asset we have is time.

Time defined: The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future, regarded as a whole. Time is progress. 


Remember! Time slows down or speeds up based on how we think about it.

Having the skill to create time and knowing how to remove all my time-wasting activities makes you a huge contributor to your life.

You can do so much by faithfully reducing the number of things that takes your time and doing the things that create time instead.  Here are my favourite ways to create time and more balance in my life:

  • I make decisions strongly
  • I take massive action
  • I plan
  • I honor my plan
  • I constrain
  • I fail
  • I say NO

In fact this is what I focus on in my coaching, and it has resulted in the most amazing wins for my clients.

I love time management as a vehicle to start believing in ourselves, to start trusting ourselves, and to start honoring ourselves.

Why is it so easy for us to keep a commitment with someone else, but let yourself down?

Somehow we believe that it is okay to disappoint ourselves. We get used to just disappointing ourselves on the regular. And that’s where time management can really create a relationship with yourself where you feel honored and you feel like your time matters and you feel like you’re taking the ultimate in self-care.

Imagine feeling like you are ahead in your yearly planning. You could enjoy some well-deserved free time without the guilt and thoughts that it all depends on you.

Imagine trusting yourself from a place of love to do what you will say you will do.

Imagine getting through all your work by 5 pm each afternoon, meaning no more burning the midnight oil to catch up, no more weekends spent doing admin, and no more missing social events because you feel too much in a frenzy to relax.

It’s possible, and I want all this for you!

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