Self-Criticism to Self-Love

I teach love, worthiness & self-acceptance to the career driven wife & mother


Whether it's the way our body looks or the way we handle (or don't handle) certain tasks or social situations, we often tend to fall into cycles of feeling bad about ourselves. We put ourselves down, preventing ourselves from reaching our dreams and goals in the long run.

So why do we do this to  ourselves and how do we stop this self loathing, this beating ourselves up, in its tracks and regain our much-needed self-appreciation?

Most of us would never be found assaulting another human being. However many of us regularly treat ourselves much worse than what we treat other people.  We emotionally assault ourselves. We verbally assault ourselves. We beat ourselves up, believing this will help us change.

We think things like:   

  • I am NOT good enough
  • Something is wrong with me
  • I should have known better

We feel things like:   

  • Deep guilt & shame
  • Self-disapproval & disappointment
  • Self-loathing & Self-hate
You are creating a massive disconnection with yourself, your children, spouse, job and your money. 

I want to bring you awareness, from a different perspective, to how you treat yourself on a regular basis in order to help you uncover what 'things" you're using on yourself to be the villain, or the predator, in your life. 

Let's take a deep look within ourselves and tackle the topic of self-loathing, self-hate, guilt & shame. 

Listen in for some practical advice and exercises you can start using today to help you find more about yourself and what makes you truly happy. 

How to enjoy being yourself, how to be proud of yourself, self-appreciation, how to speak to yourself to create self-love. 

The quality of the relationship with yourself is 100% the quality of your thoughts about yourself.

What if gaining awareness of the thoughts we have and the language we use to talk to ourselves is the first step in changing our MENTAL TONE OF VOICE.

When we can learn to speak to ourselves differently, we can watch our perceptions of the world transform right in front of our eyes.

This is why I am hosting a 4-day Bootcamp on how to move from Self-Criticism to Self-Love to help you with the first step. 
  • Dates: 16-19 Oct 2023
  • Time: 19:00-20:30 (daily sessions)
  • Platform: Zoom 
  • Recordings: Available for 30 days for self learning
  • Cost: R550 (for ALL 4 days)
  • CPD: 2 (Applied for)
  • BONUS: If you sign up now you qualify for  Free Coaching: 30 days free self-coaching on the thoughts you have about YOU.

You are in the right place if you want to:

Stop feeling awful about yourself  and build self love - enjoy yourself just the way you are
Eliminate self-criticism and build self trust - so you can create your own internal sense of worth 
Stop looking for errors in yourself to fix and become proud of yourself instead
Become truly self-confident - so that you can  think and show up as your authentic self in every way.

If you buy NOW you will also get access to 30 days of FREE COACHING on some of the destructive thoughts I’ve caught my clients thinking.

Each day of the bootcamp will focus on a different theme!
Day 1: Loving Me
Day 2: Self-Loathing and Self-Assault  
Day 3: How to enjoy being yourself
Day 4: Sometimes I suck and that is okay

Let me teach you "The Model"

"The model" is a strategy that will teach you exactly how to manage your brain, helping you overcome the guilt, shame, frustration and anxiety often as a result of you beating yourself up.

Your brain is the most powerful thing you have in the world.

Everything you do, and the results you create in your life, career and the quality of your relationships with your family and with yourself, are all caused by the thoughts within your brain.

When you learn to manage your mind, you’ll be blown away by the results you can create in your life. When you start to think high quality thoughts deliberately, consciously and presently about who you are, you will start talking to yourself in a loving way, you will start acting in a caring way towards yourself.

And this is where you change the results of your life. From love. Love is actually the emotion that drives you to take high care of yourself, eat healthier, tolerate and celebrate your kids more (more patience), work hard and grow. 

You cannot beat yourself up on the way to being thinner, more patient with your kids, more present in your marriage or to being more driven in your career. From self-loathing we create a lot of hiding, avoiding and buffering.

Beating yourself up is just not working. 

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Are you stuck in a story that is holding you back? 

Maybe the story is that you are not good enough, that you are not going to make it and that no matter how hard you try and how much more you do it just does not seem to be enough.

Maybe your story is that of being a mother that yells too much or of being a spouse that does not support enough, or you feel like an Imposter in your job, and you will be caught out any moment for the fake you are, because you just don’t know enough and are just not good enough. 

And maybe your story is that you’ll never be successful in your dream business, or you’ll never get healthy or out of debt. 

The truth is, no matter how much evidence you have that the story is true, it doesn’t matter.

Ask yourself what you are creating by believing it. I’ll tell you. You are creating a massive disconnection with yourself. With your children. With your spouse. With your job. With your money. 

And because as humans we’re wired for connection, this doesn’t feel good to us. And it’s easier to blame ourselves, others and the world than to sit with the uncomfortable emotions for long enough to figure out how we are creating exactly the things we don’t want. 

Negative self-talk is something that a lot of women struggle with. It's hard to stop, and it is self-sabotaging.

I know that when you use those thoughts against yourself, what you feel about yourself is unworthiness, not good enough and just downright sad. 

It is not easy to claw your way back from self-loathing to self-love.
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