Reclaim 5 hours of your week simply by eliminating just one of these TIME WASTERS:

Overwhelm, Indecision, Worry, Procrastination, People-Pleasing & Perfectionism

Join my exclusive 5-Day 'RECAPTURE 5' Challenge tailored for Rehabilitation Therapists in Private Practice. I provide the knowledge, tools, and coaching through my signature time and mind management program, ensuring you achieve remarkable results every week.

If you follow my steps, It will change your life GUARANTEED... 

Let me guide you in recapturing 5 hours of time, fostering self-trust, enhancing commitment, and achieving your goals.

Say goodbye to overwhelm today!

Recordings will be available on the Kajabi (phone) app 24 hours after presenting and will be available for 30 days. Log-in details will be emailed to you. Sales are open until 25 July 2024 so go ahead and catch the recordings. 


Recordings will be available on the Kajabi app 24 hours after presenting and will be available for 30 days. Log-in details will be emailed to you. Sales are open until 25 July 2024 so go ahead and buy your ticket.

What is the secret to RE-CAPTURE 5 Hours per week?

I have a very clear process that works. It's simple. If you do it, your life will change.


Discover that most of the time you need, already exists, but is being wasted by your brain. What you need to add to your toolkit is mind management strategies and my signature Re-CAPTURE Hour 5 time management technique. 

Your brain, is the most powerful tool you possess, influencing every action and result in your life. 

While you question whether you'll ever have enough time, self-discipline or commitment to follow through on your perfect plan, this is what's actually happening:

Your brain is wired for survival.

Its primary job is simple: keep you alive. 

Throughout 99.99% of our evolution this meant

  • Procrastinating (Being lazy) as a survival strategy¬†to conserve energy & save calories
  • Avoiding failure¬†at all cost¬†because failure was actually really dangerous. So we have a tendency to be perfect in all aspects.¬†
  • Wanting to¬†keep doing what we've done, the known is safe, the unknown is scary.¬†
  • Avoiding rejection, as being cast out of the group historically meant decreased chances, leading to people pleasing.
Your brain naturally tends towards procrastination, people-pleasing, perfectionism, confusion, indecision, and worry‚ÄĒit likes wasting time.
*R50 is non refundable
Replays available for 30 days 

The Root Cause of TIME WASTERS 

Effective mind management and the willingness to experience uncomfortable emotions are key. And this part I can teach you.

When you manage your mind, you build emotional resilience.

This enables you to reclaim your time through productive behaviours by:

  • Planning effectively
  • Honouring your commitments
  • Making strong decisions
  • Confidently say¬†NO

My signature program is simple and easy to implement, providing you with the exact steps you need.

Imagine Your Life with ENOUGH TIME...

  1. Time to go home early & grab your significant other for an intimate date night
  2. Time to take a day off without earning less.
  3. Time to go home early & connect with your kid, toss a ball
  4. Spend an extra hour sleeping (& don’t regret it one bit)
  5. Spend an hour & take that class you’ve dreamed about, get back to a hobby
  6. Spend an extra hour to train or mentor someone in your team
  7. Spend an hour to take a walk around, talk to your team & Talk to your customers.  

You have no time to lose! BUY NOW

This is for you if you are:

  • Overwhelmed by your sheer volume of tasks
  • Indecisive about which task to prioritise.¬†
  • Worrying about not meeting your commitments¬†
  • Procrastinating an important but challenging task
  • Striving for perfection in every aspect¬†
  • People-pleasing to avoid rejection
  • You feel a constant dread inside your body¬†
  • You have no time to rest

And this describes your life:

  • You fill all your clinical hours¬†to optimise your income and hope to fit in the admin after-hours¬†
  • You are so exhausted¬†at the end of the day that you just cannot muster up the energy to write notes as well
  • You rest instead of doing your admin only to fall further and further behind
  • You¬†work at all hours¬†of the night and weekend
  • Does not matter how much you plan you always end up in overwhelm
  • When you work you fail your family, when you are with your family you fail your work. You are always failing yourself
  • This morning you had a plan but it all went south
  • You have so many roles and you are not accomplishing it in the way you would like to
  • If feels like you are always dropping balls
  • You keep thinking this is just a temporary time, you want to be there for your dependent kids, your elderly parent, you don't want to end up with regret for having only worked. You just don't want your time spend for you.¬†
  • You have build up resentment against these same people that you love, because it is just to much.¬†
  • You just don‚Äôt know where to find more time... like literally you have more to do than hours in a day

Take a peek into my 5 Day Challenge ?

Day 1: Understanding your brain & time 

Learn how the primitive & intelligent brain influence your perception of time. Discover that time is a mental construct and that managing your brain is key to eliminating time wasters and learning to create time. 

Day 2: Dream journaling 

Reconnect with your dreams and aspirations. Through dream journaling, identify what you truly want and why it matters to you.

Day 3: Achieve more with the 12-Week Year

Adopt a focused, 12-week approach to goal-setting. Choose a specific goal and develop a concrete plan to accomplish it within this timeframe.

Day 4: Emotional connection to time management  

Dive into the emotional side of time and mind management. Learn how your emotions influence your ability to manage time effectively and how to harness them for better results.

Day 5: The Re-C.A.P.T.U.R.E Technique 

Master my signature Re-CAPTURE technique to put all the strategies you have learned over the 5 Day Challenge into practice. This powerful method will help you take control of your time and reach your goals efficiently.


Recordings will be available on the Kajabi app 24 hours after presenting and will be available for 30 days.

Join the challenge and transform the way you manage your time!

  • Date:¬†16, 17, 23, 24 & 25 July 2024
  • Recordings:¬†available for 30 days from the event (until 24 Aug)
  • Time:¬†19:00 - 21:00
  • CPD:¬†10¬†Ethical points
  • Cost:¬†R50 for all 5¬†days¬†
  • Terms and conditions: The R50 is non refundable. The videos are available for 30 days after the event. No obligations to make any further investments is required.¬†
  • Location:¬†Zoom online

Recordings will be available on the Kajabi app 24 hours after presenting and will be available for 30 days.

But wait, there's more! Enroll by 30 June 2024 at midnight, and you'll be
  • Invitation to attend a my Recapture 5 Hours coaching program, which focuses on creating time, feeling better and getting back to a sense of themselves
  • Bonus call: 6 September - 8:30 - 9:30

But just know I won't be extending this offer. If you miss the deadline, you miss the opportunity. Don't wait. Get your 5 hours back.


Meet Adri Geyer

Your Time Management Authority

I understand firsthand the challenges of maximising clinical hours while, neglecting crucial administrative tasks, squeezing them into late nights right in the middle of the demands of parenthood.

The exhaustion and constant stress from feeling time-strapped are all too familiar.

I’m Adri Geyer, a Time and Mind Management Coach and Occupational Therapist, specialising in supporting Rehabilitation Therapists in private practice.

My journey spans diverse private practice scenarios. I've operated as a solopreneur, thrived in a successful partnership, and effectively managed a team of nine Occupational Therapists and three administrative staff. In the midst of these professional endeavors, I made a career transition into the mental health space. Throughout it all, I remained dedicated to serving my clients deeply and achieving financial success.

Simultaneously, I embraced the challenges and joys of blending a family, marrying into a household with three teenagers who are now young adults, while also raising a toddler.

Now, I prioritise time for my self and personal interests, as much as the time for my family, taking over 30 days of leave annually, all while maintaining a financially thriving practice.

Throughout my career, I’ve been a dedicated student of human behavior, deeply exploring personal growth and transformation. I’ve coached hundreds of health professionals in private practice on Time and Mind Management.

Throughout my career, I’ve immersed myself in human behavior studies, delving into personal growth and transformation. I’ve coached hundreds of health professionals in private practice on mastering Time and Mind Management.

Beyond my Occupational Therapy background, I’ve honed my skills through seminars, courses, and extensive reading, complemented by collaboration with John Demartini and certification from The Life Coach School.

When I promise to help you recapture five hours of your time swiftly, I speak from experience. You’ll not only reclaim valuable time but also rediscover confidence, reinvent your life, manage emotions effectively, and achieve your desired outcomes with clarity.