Recapture 5 hours today for R50

For busy, burnt-out & stuck health professionals who has run out of 'enough' time. 

The barrier standing between you and the best life you are capable of living is a lack of consistent execution.

Taking action on what you know you want to do.

Imagine your most meaning full life:

  1. Time to go home early & grab your significant other for an intimate date night
  2. Time to go home early & connect with your kid, toss a ball
  3. Spend an extra hour sleeping (& don’t regret it one bit)
  4. Spend an hour & take that class you’ve dreamed about, get back to a hobby
  5. Spend an extra hour to train or mentor someone in your team
  6. Spend an hour to take a walk around, talk to your team & Talk to your customers.

What the heck ‚Äď spend an hour doing nothing!


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  • Date:

5, 6, March 2024: Design your vision

18, 19 & 20 March 2024: Develop your 90 day Plan (Make 2024 the year you finish on goals). Working at full capacity for limited amounts of time. Business will expose the areas of your life where you are not living with emotional intelligence (it reveals the time wasters)

  • Time: 19:00 - 21:00
  • CPD: 5 Points¬†
  • Cost: R50 for all 5¬†(replay access for 7 days following the Bootcamp)
  • Location: Zoom online
  • Bonus offer: All access pass: R250 ‚Äď lifetime access¬†to the 5 day bootcamp

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  • I will¬†teach you¬†more on how your business will expose the areas of your life where you are not living with emotional intelligence. Most business people don't want to talk about all the emotional stuff - they just want to get busy! Don't get me wrong - I want you to get busy with your business. You will learn so much more if you go ahead and put yourself out there. Risk rejection, failure, shame. How much faster could you go if you did not wait or spin in overwhelm and fear?
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  • An exclusive bonus Handbook in PDF format, packed with mini-training sessions to help you conquer the top 4 time-wasters once and for all.

So how do you avoid being in the same place you are today in a year from now?

Or even by tomorrow?

A life where you run out of time for the things that are necessary.  

Instead of living a life that is deeply meaningful. The life you are capable of.

 Let me help you  with my proven formula.

A formula you can use today.

Right now! To recapture time.

Recapture the hour that is right there in front of you if you just stop wasting it.... 

And the answer is not time management.  

I promise you for most people if they just eliminate one of these time wasters from their life


 Time wasters like:

  • People pleasing
  • Worry
  • Regret
  • Overwhelm
  • Confusion,
  • Indecision
  • Self & other judgment
  • Buffering with food
  • Scrolling social media

The cause of these time wasters are not your time management skills.


The true root cause of these time wasters lies in how effective you are in managing your mind and your willingness to feel uncomfortable emotions.  

And this part I can teach you. It's actually fairly simple once you see the steps.

Mind management leads to Emotional Strength.

The biggest obstacle in the way of emotional strength, is the primitive part of our brain.

Overcoming your brain's basic survival desire for:

  • Ease (lazy/ procrastinate as a survival skill)
  • Instant gratification
  • Avoidance of pain (like overwhelm & fear of failure)

For example when you say yes instead of no (people please) because it either feels easier or it protects you from feeling like you are causing someone's disappointment - either way you end up spending time on something less important to you (which is a time waster).

The way the brain works stops us from:

  • Setting our vision
  • Deciding on our constrained goal
  • Planning
  • Making strong decisions
  • Taking massive action¬†
  • Honoring our plan to follow through

The brain is the one who makes it hard for us to execute.

It stops us from all the ways in which we can recapture and even create time.

The brain¬†is so afraid of failure and rejection that it would rather not take a single risk ‚Äď which means you will stagnate in the life you have right now. Stuck!

The solution is actually really simple. Most people when I teach them this asks why we were not taught this in primary school.  Please trust me on this one. I can change your life. Very quickly.

If we manage our minds and emotions we eliminate all the time wasters and we open up to all the time creators. 

 Really you don’t need to be that different.

You need to just let me help you to recapture the time that is right there in front of your nose already. 

By teaching you how to manage your mind and emotions. 

This is how it works:

  • We make a plan for our time
  • We use our higher brain to decide how we want to spend our hours and minutes and days on our goals.¬†
  • We set up times to do all the things we know we need to do in order to take massive action towards the result we need.¬†
  • When we make these plans we are clear, organized and focused.¬†

So far so good. But here's the rub: When you get to the time on the calendar where you are supposed to execute on those well-laid plans

  • You're not going to want to do them
  • Your primitive brain is going to throw a fit and decide that it would rather¬† seek pleasure, avoid pain and sleep or play.¬†
  • Your primitive brain will talk you out of greatness and into fear and procrastination every single time.¬†

Let me show you. You can recapture time. FAST.  

Join the Bootcamp today! 

The road map to creating 5 hours of free time

For the busy, burnt-out & stuck health professional who has run out of "enough" time...


The starting point, to avoid ending up at the same place you are in today, looks like this: 

Step 1: Have a dream. Create a vision for your future that is crystal clear & emotionally compelling. Know exactly what you want & why you want it. What do you want to do with your time? If you don't deliberately decide, life will decide for you (reactive, stagnation, stuck)

Step 2: Set a constraint 90 day goal. The quickest way around time wasters is to be very intentional with small steps. Finishing one thing at a time feels slow, but giving up on all your new years resolutions by February is even slower. 

Step 3: Commit to feel all the emotions to overcome failure, obstacles & challenges on the way to that goal. This is the real secret sauce to creating time. Feel your emotions. 

 Step 4: Commit to take consistent productive action towards your goal. Fall down, get up, fall down, get up. The trick is not to look for immediate results. Instead focus on your next action towards your goal, based on where you are today.  


This is for you if:


You struggle to control yourself:

  • You stop-start
  • Your admin is not finished
  • You work at all hours of the night and weekend
  • You do bits & pieces of work everywhere
  • You do 100 things at the same time
  • Your house is untidy
  • You yell at your kids
  • Your¬†eating is out of control
  • Your¬†doom scroll and troll the internet¬†¬†
  • You just don‚Äôt know where to find more time... like literally you have more to do than hours in a day

You feel desperate to keep up with the many tasks to keep bringing the money in


You struggle to control others (who takes your time)


Your  schedule is unpredictable and it feels futile to plan


… you have run out of enough time...

…. this is not because there is something wrong with you. 

The reason you don’t have time is because of how your mind works and how hard it is to go through the emotions of overwhelm and fear of failure. 

Your brain is wired to people please, worry, eat and doom scroll to feel better. Be confused. Regret. Overwhelm.

Time wasters! Let's get your control back.

The solution is not Time Management.

It is Mind Management. 

Your brain is the most powerful thing you have in the world.

Everything you do, and the results you create, are all caused by the thoughts within your brain.

While you question whether you'll ever have enough time, self-discipline or commitment to follow through on your perfect plan, this is what's actually happening:

Your brain is wired for survival.

It has one very simple job: keep you alive. 

 Throughout 99.99% of our evolution this meant

  • Being lazy is a survival strategy¬†to conserve energy & save calories
  • Avoiding failure¬†at all cost¬†because failure was actually really dangerous
  • Wanting to¬†keep doing what we've done, the known is safe, the unknown is scary.¬†

These where signs of intelligence, and now... you're using them as signs that there's something wrong with you.

When you learn to manage your mind, you’ll be blown away at what you’re able to create and how easy it is to build the exact life you’ve always wanted. All you have to do is follow the steps I give you.

The way the brain works stops us from:

Making strong decisions, taking massive action & honouring our plan to follow through.

The brain makes it hard for us to say no. All the ways in which we can recapture and create time.

It is so afraid of failure and rejection that it would rather not take a single risk ‚Äď which means you will stagnate in the life you have right now. Stuck!

It is really simple. If we manage our minds and emotions we eliminate all the time wasters and we open up to all the time creators.

Really you don’t need to be that different. You need to just let me help you to recapture the time that is right there in front of your nose already.

It is time to get unstuck & stop wasting time.

Knowing what we need to do to achieve the life of our dreams is ONE THING.

But actually getting yourself to... Follow through... is an entirely different game.

If you are drowning in a sea of tasks?

And you have tried building the perfect calendar, putting 10 tasks into your calendar for Monday...

Only to re-shuffle come Tuesday morning, adding  what wasn't done and all your new tasks for the day.

But that Tuesday to-do list totally overwhelms you.

So your NEW PLAN is to completely ignore the original plan and re-write the list on Wednesday, right before life happens on Thursday.

Only to feel further behind and like a total failure by Friday.

That's when you realise you will be working this weekend  (AGAIN)...

You have tried it ALL to boost your productivity.

You've got the fancy new planner(s), online calendars, phone alarms and all the Apps.

But still at the end of each day, you feel like you haven't moved the needle forward on anything that truly matters?


It's time to pause, breathe...

& join me on a life-changing 

5 Hour Bootcamp designed exclusively for you.

It's possible for you to have plenty of time.   

I know exactly how to change your thinking.

The process is simple to learn and will create massive changes in your life faster than anything you’ve ever tried before.

Are you ready to go all in for yourself? 
What will you do with that extra hour?

If you enroll in the next 24 hours I will also offer you an exclusive handbook in PDF with mini training that breaks down the 4-time wasters that account for 80% of the time you waste.

But this offer is only if you buy your ticket by 29 Feb 2024.

PLUS: If you are interested in a 1:1 discovery call - where we can talk about exactly why you personally don’t have time and the solution to your specific problem. Give me a call.


I have been an Occupational Therapist for over 25 years, and over the years I have gained invaluable experience, having worked in a hospital setting, community work, as a sole entrepreneur and in a partnership environment. Not only that, but within my Private Practice, I have also managed several Occupational Therapists and employees. 

Through-out these years, I have always been a keen student of human behaviour, digging deep into the world of personal growth and transformation. I have attended seminars, courses, read books and gained noteworthy knowledge and skill, facilitating alongside John Demartini. I’ve amassed an arsenal of experience on understanding the fundamental principles on why we do what we do. I am also a qualified coach with The Life Coach School. 

So, when I tell you that I will teach you how to reinvent your life, manage your emotions and get the results that you want out of life, I MEAN IT.